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New and unpublished pieces of the puzzle.

On three consecutive nights in late December 1980 , England's rural Suffolk , East Anglia, where it was the scene of the incident which is now considered military – UFO most significant in the history of UK. Buried in secret from the beginning, the true nature of these events were suppressed and confused by the American National Security Law 1947 Official Secrets Act and the Majesty. The story was soon relegated to the realm of the colorful folklore of East Anglia, where he remained until 2 October 1983. This Sunday in the history, literally, exploded in the British press, thanks to one of the witnesses, former airman first class Larry Warren, it was made public and it was decided to report the case. The incident has remained in hiding somewhere in the public eye since.

When we published "On the left of the door of the east" : A first-hand account of the Bentwaters UFO incident / Woodbridge, his disguise and his research, when it first appeared in bookstores in the U.S. and the UK for more than seven years , Our intention was to give Larry a chance to tell his version of the story and its personal consequences, to make the public case that we built from the evidence he had collected, and to encourage the people who had participated to appear. Since, new information has followed its irregular path to us, a good percentage of them have a real influence on what we know about the incident as a whole, and on the participation of Larry Warren en particular.

Larry Warren

In addition to, Some of the materials were not printing (cards, emails, Personal Accounts, interviews, were as important as if it came). This work was then an opportunity to meet some of these loose ends and present them as a coherent update on what really happened that night in that forest, and what happened after some of the key witnesses.

First, but we briefly review the events which constitute the famous Bentwaters UFO incident / Woodbridge, then, move on to new and unpublished pieces of the puzzle.


Larry Warren
To begin, The incident took place at Bentwaters is past history. "It was scary during the Cold War when the events took place, the 1980 , the U.S. military maintained a reserve of something like 350.000 ordinance kiloton nuclear complex under the dual basis, in complete violation of our treaty with the United Kingdom at that time. Although secret, This fact was well known by the staff as Warren possessed high security and authorizations had been specially trained to avoid "nukes" (military vocabulary that relates to nuclear weapons) . The other variable history, was based on the concerns of the Warsaw Pact on the pro-democracy movement that was consolidating shipyards Gadansk , Polònia. In the Soviet Union gathered in silence over a hundred thousand troops to the border with Poland and NATO bases throughout Europe and the UK reached the red alert. Red is one level below black and black is war.


On the first night that the UFOs were observed in the cells of the two bases and the Rendlesham Forest that connects. The Airmen Weapons (Nuclear) the storage area at Bentwaters, saw them for the first time since the question of the observation tower, as well as the radar. Also that night the military police responsible for security at the East Gate of RAF Woodbridge base unidentified lights were observed in a wooded area outside the east gate of the base. Although there was no indication of an accident (there was no sound or vibration or fire), the lights could not be explained by EEI and they ask permission to leave the radio instead and went to investigate. The permission was granted and the four men walked out of the forest towards the base.

Upon entering your area of ​​interest radios Motorola started having transmission problems and eventually they stop working. The men were then to be out of communication with the base for the next few hours. Soon they found a machine of unknown origin. It was triangular in shape, had a surface of black glass-like, measured about two meters on each side, and were slowly maneuvering through the trees at breast height. The Aviator Penniston came up enough to see some unfamiliar symbols or shapes of letters on the surface of the ship. The Aviator Burrows walked further and drew his weapon pointed at the object. Three of the four men returned to base hours later with incomplete memories of the time they spend in the woods. A man did not respond to the order back with the others and was missing for several days .

On the second night, the UFOs were being seen once again, This time move in a pattern type “grid”, apparently organized. The Evidence of landing sites were found in the surrounding countryside in the form of circular depressions in the ground that had a triangular pattern. Beta and gamma radiation readings at the deeper, are registered in more than ten times the normal zone. Similar readings were recorded in tree bark from trees that had been set up landing areas.



Images from the incident site to CAPEL GREEN

foto triangle incident OVNI de BentwatersThe event culminates on the third night. With UFO sightings continued, Base responsible for the Comandant Charles I. Halt, recorded both his and the reactions of his men with the unknown flying over the area, loose-form "as rays" of light in the immediate area. They also document a landing area with chalk, with that made molds of circular impressions on the ground . However,
even more important was what happened in the field of a farmer within a mile of the perimeter of the base of RAF Woodbridge. This was the case when he found involved in my co-author Larry Warren.


Triangular diagram of the fingerprints found.

Larry had been a "guardmount"(guard service) that night and listened to the radio as Motorola had other airmen who described seeing UFOs that were several miles away from the line. Soon he was ordered to close its perimeter and wait for a vehicle that was being sent to pick it up. This truck soon to join other vehicles that converge in the center of the base vehicle Lightalls, the military had its tanks back and joined trucks support. Sometime after midnight the convoy rolled into the darkness of the night, their fate was a forest road at a distance of about six kilometers from Bentwaters, but a short distance from the East Gate of RAF Woodbridge base . In landing the men were unarmed, divided into three groups of men and ordered to delve further in the woods ” investigate a disturbance. ” With their flashlights and radios, opened the way in the field of the farmer called Capel Green. Here they found a low mist glowing strangely and they were ordered to surround. The vehicles were taken to the camp refused to work. Not long after, an unidentified red light came on prominent direction of the North Sea. He did as, "Explosion" noiselessly, but with such brilliance that burned the retinas of the eyes of Warren and other men.

They took several seconds for the men to adapt their eyes, but when they did, a machine different from anything that had ever seen before, was in that place. Some men fled, but most remained steadfast, although it appeared three small life forms, the bright side of the ship. Soon a high official stepped through the circle of men and "faced" with beings. This happened without words or violence : only a human being in front of them and three nonhuman beings looking at him. The event lasted until late at night.

Witnesses were ordered not to speak with anyone who had seen the, but the interrogation the day after they were told that the ship and were not living in this world. They also were threatened, in a nutshell, if you break the security, se'n penedirien. The next night, Warren aviator and other eyewitnesses were chemically treated and taken against their will to a large facility·Policy under the base where they underwent a series of mental treatment. Larry Warren left the Air Force with an honorable down five months later and became the first man to record what he knew about the incident. The story would never have known without the information that was provided.

185px-RafmapWhat makes the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident is significant between the cases of UFOs? Almost all. Stopovers confirmed radar sightings ; evidence of abduction among some of the men involved; the nuclear armament·legal, documented physiological changes in organic matter landing areas, burns in the retina of the eyes of my co confirmed on their medical records of Air Force ; light rays that are fired from the ship to land, the storage area weapons and the environment, military documents, letters and mountains of paperwork , the testimony of many witnesses military and civilian; memorandums , multiple reactions toward the animal UFOs, photographic evidence and historical, and the fact that Suffolk, East Anglia, has been the scene of considerable military weapons development and testing activities of intelligence services·Intelligence.

The area is also rich in myth, legend and the alleged paranormal activity.

This has been the briefest of treatments Bentwaters incident.

The llibre "To the left of the East Gate”, is almost five hundred pages, although much of the text focuses on the impact of going through an experience like this, can have on a person's life after the fact.


At first, Larry and I decided how to structure a writing strategy, one of the issues was that we wanted to use pseudonyms for the names of any witnesses. We do not presume to tell their stories, but we give the details of which have remained outside their relevant interactions and conversations that were had with Larry, or to be or not to be in a certain place at a certain time. We also take care not to betray any secrets they had shared with Larry. Yet, for many names in the printed book, in this case the staff of the U.S. Air Force still active, and then quote what they were maintained or papers or knowledge of the chain of events in December 1980, was get close to the red line. Yet, risk resulting earned it.

Our editor began to receive mail addressed to us, not long after that we got on the shelves of bookstores. Some of these letters (all specifically targeted to Larry ) were men who had named the book, men who had already read the book. D’ells, no one had written to criticize or correct what they had written about. Confirmed the key points of the story and provide details of my co-author and peculiarities in some cases were new to us. These letters are kept in the archives of Larry since.

Excerpts from half a dozen letters follow, starting Mark Thompson , Former specialist Security Police 81è, Ala D, Hang on just what Larry was assigned. Marc mentioned on page 141 :

"It is true that we spent, i mai ho oblidaré. His book made me relive again. … (With) Halt I can put everything in a little box is beyond me. He has to take at least part of the responsibility of helping to keep the lid on it! Oh, course, talks about what he saw, but what the hell happened after we?. Thank you for fighting for us Larry, I am grateful. Now maybe we can all get a good night's sleep ".

Steve Laplume, another former security police specialist assigned to the E Wing, The new name appears on separate pages :

Larry, I ask the editors you forward this letter to you. 17 anys han passat rapit (I tried to forget the UFO), But "To the left of east gate"I can remember everything! How can downplay Halt (I was there and also in interrogations) I remember that kind of marine saying "Bullets are cheap”. The difference between us is that I guess I believe. … “People died after this for the love of God!. Maybe they were right when they said that civilians were not ready for it yet. I will try to be in contact with other witnesses and let them know about the Eastern Door ".

Greg Battram , Former specialist Security Police 81è, Ala E, name appears in fifteen pages.

He witnessed the ship Capel Green with Larry and was with him the day , When Larry phoned his mother from a telephone base :

"I knew you were in this forest because of how I saw here, and we were all on duty with full PRP . Colonel Halt should check the rules on posting. I wonder why they got those things that is what they wanted, is not the most important question? No houses or light theories people have no idea . … I remember this appeal states that has been, because, There have been a few days. Shit!. Had no idea. … “

Ed Cavanasac, Former specialist 81st Security Police , Ala C, and witness the events of the first night :

"I was in the woods with Burroughs, Penniston and Dule the first night. I work in C Wing and remember the changes in power. I liked the book and I learned a few things on the basis that only suspected. We were also interrogated for hours! And I know that we injections … I think now more than ever want to remember certain things that were. … ( Mention the name of an innocent person, but involved here) ____ Lacked, but followed us and we did not know until later was lost or that he was enportar. I think again, took him and sent him home, like a lot of other guys. Were … frightened, Burroughs drew his weapon towards what is and what was left blank. Someone was inside of that damn thing, I could feel it. The UFO came the next two nights, so it must have been on the wing . Els rumors? a Bullshit. Nobody in Parlavà. … But that was not the earth ".

Of Adrian Bustinza , Former Supervisor Wings C and D.

Adrian was really Larry the field that night and found in thirty- six pages of "On the left of the door of the east". It is also the subject of an interview fifteen separate sheet:

"Nobody can get back what we lost there . All of us that we are going to do is rip off and not wanting to understand the truth . … I remember Larry "Duck and Cover" which made his book is about a lot of powerful people who have much to lose if it knows . Would not encourage going public, none of us knew where we were getting, but I guess you never really had choice. God bless you and keep you safe. “

Mike Verrano, then captain , 81 SPS, recognized five pages :

"I was in the fleet, Or because the level was not available that night. I was on duty , other commanders were busy elsewhere, or maybe they saw? I remember a malfunction with the "lightalls" good. Remember malfunctioning vehicle?I was with Williams drive ( Major Gordon Williams , RAF Bentwaters Wing Commander ) with F – 16 the runway at the dawn of the Bentwaters 30. I had two cans of film 35 mm prepared him, packed in a satchel TS (bag). He told me directly that it was real footage of UFOs, etc ... the land. That the · film was shot during the night in the woods. … By the · Film went to USAFE, West Germany that day and never felt the deposition after that ".

"Definitely there were three nights of UFO incidents. Time Wing C and they worked the first night, Wing E and back again on 28. The log book of the month and plans and drying were missing after the first night of Wing E after the holidays, I think that the sightings that night too many people involved to contain it completely.

A copy of the Ala C still exists and incidentde Burroughs, Penniston , Cavanasac and Dule is note , I have seen the log entry. I saw a lot of civilians out of place after the events at the base but we could not do anything. I personally think that the staff of the basement was "Black Ops" (covert operations) Halt and I agree with you and others do not know where they were stuck after the fact. Bona sort “.

An important aspect, although often sensationalized account Larry Warren is the existence of a large set·Policy underground complex beneath the base of the double. Larry has held that evening after their participation, underwent chemically and then taken by force, in front of the entrance and led to such facility·facilities over the next day or two that took place, much against his will. During this time , He and other witnesses were subjected to a series of procedures that seem designed to confuse or mislead their real memories implanted with purely . Given the magnitude of this statement, I continued working on the research open for me , even after we had gone to press. Taking rest after the end of our tour for this book by UK 1997.

llibre Larry warrenThe 27 June a local friend introduced me to " B”, an independent civilian contractor who had been employed by the Air Force for over twenty years and still have the appropriate security permissions. He and the teams had worked under his supervision throughout the complex Bentwaters, and occasionally below. He accepted an interview , but remained fairly brief. At the moment the two shared·and colleagues were sitting in a van parked next to the back door of the Royal Air Force base at Bentwaters, plowing was already out of Servei. Larry and three friends were out doing reconnaissance and guard patrol vehicles. We were at the forefront and we kept in touch with them for walkie talkie.

"B" told me that underground tunnels were concrete near the base just below the surface . Hooks and pulleys stability in the tunnel every thirty feet to allow route trucks stretched by hand. "B" had been there several times and we think that these tunnels are connected with underground shelters. RAF Bentwaters had the biggest dump bombs in Europe at that time. Large panels of infrared light as wide as a car used to keep to a certain temperature (103F) with multiple safety systems to ensure that the temperature is kept constant in this. The fixtures were still in place, as large generators that were run. “ B “, I also said that :

(Pointing out the window) "Just on the other side of this hill is where the household is literally concrete bombproof,not?

On the other side of this, There is a mound. And here ends the concrete tunnel, walled with concrete blocks. On the other side of this hill is where I think the water tanks are false, so we tried to release the water and we will not leave. The valves do not work. They are made to look authentic. I think if you were moving,could be mobile, Tanks are practically leave out and below them is where, probably, find the ladder that leads to underground bunker "

Following the instructions " B”, the team behind the wire radio informs us that the first manhole cover they had found the "tap water" had been welded, closed :

"They have been welding, closing, since my last visit, this is interesting. Now … Why have decided to weld them all, close them, if this is what they have done. Why would you do that to a tap water? This is interesting, not? ( Pointing towards the perimeter of the base ) portable radar units had just, missiles, missiles "alive"(armes nuclears), right there , was the area of ​​surface to air missiles, and were men of the RAF who used, not Americans . … They had four radars here, missiles, armes nuclears, … puntes afilades ,d'air to ground ".

“ ( The manhole covers ...) go right around the base, literally, around the base . They roamed completely based. I've been to…. “ … If you follow the path in this direction , reach the substation, it is now an area of ​​about fifty square meters, jack land, where the underground tunnel out and this is a great (inaudible) inspection area. Everything for water? (Fa bromo). All this in a tank that has never been used). (In the tunnels) no hi ha aire “perfect”. However there is no problem with the air. They took some air (a meter of air quality) down, and SAPS, we did an air test : the air is perfect. That makes no sense. They were put there by the water so why bother with them? “

Two days later, local close friend introduced me to George Nursey, during a presentation to the city of Woodbridge, Suffolk. Seven or eight years before had been used by the Property Services Agency (PSA) , a nongovernmental organization now defunct British, that took care of the maintenance of government buildings and military.

G. At that time I was a surveyor, just worked for PSA. Now, why would a document like this PSA, do not know. I see architects' drawings all the time, I moved into this field now. … Why would you have a plan as, already, You probably already know this, but I saw the plans show three tunnels between (RAF ) Woodbridge i Bentwaters.

P. Plateau was physically on a table?

G. They remove a drawer, no guarantee, none of this. Again, all bases in the country has probably, you know, the population of the two bases together was probably between four hundred and five hundred people. I see there's enough space to accommodate these people, one year, a tots ells. Now,we're talking about a huge amount of underground space. That's a lot of space. This is what I saw. now, is a nuclear. There is nothing to hide here, nothing to do with UFOs…

P. What could be said of the specifications, actual measurements, or to what extent and underground, or how large it is…

G. Not, was not even a letter topographic. I was not given depth or anything like that . Tot just tres túnels.

P. You could say that the planes, on the size of the tunnels, the length or width?

G. I'll tell you, compared to Channel, the between Dover and Calais, because, we are talking about three tunnels of similar size.

G. The area around here is pretty flat, military is and has been for hundreds of years. Si camina, si vas per Friday Street, There is a part of the plant is submerged, s'enfonsa. Now it appears to be sunk by a tunnel that was bored, Forgot years ago. You know where I'm talking about, and if you look, below a line, you can see a drop, and this is a man-dip. It's as simple as that. And thus the base, through the fence, you can see, and that is what is interesting to me .

P. When it was, you saw the plane?

G. I worked for PSA between eighty and ninety-eight. They do not do more, have been dissolved and that all private contracting to these days.

G. I rented a small plane and a snoop around the position of the antenna to see the gaps, as if there are three dives, the subsidence of the three tunnels, then have a net, Can I order a flag and map of study. …

Before retiring from active military service, the late Admiral Lord Peter Hill- Norton served as Admiral of the Fleet (highest ranking officer in the British Army) , and as Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Defence, the equivalent of our Chief of Joint (U.S.). After his retirement, assumed the role of senior critic of the UK's secret UFO excessive, especially regarding the Bentwaters UFO incident / Woodbridge. Lord Hill - Norton He continued serving his country as a member of the House of Lords, and during the session 28 October 1997 asked the Secretary of Defense a series of questions * from "On the left at the door of the east" :

Caso OVNI 1980,Rendlesham,Radiation

Military report measures obtained radioctives

Lord Hill - Norton asked Her Majesty's Government : If the allegations contained in the recently published book, “ To the left of the door of the East “, in the sense that nuclear weapons are stored at RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge, in violation of treaty obligations of the United Kingdom / U.S. were true.

Lord Gilbert : It has always been the policy of this and previous governments to confirm or deny the location of nuclear weapons, either in the UK or elsewhere. …

Lord Hill - Norton : Whether we are aware of the reports said U.S. Air Force personnel that nuclear weapons stored in the weapons storage area at RAF Woodbridge were hit by light rays fired from a ship not been identified on the basis of the period between 25 – 30 December 1980, and if so, what action was taken then?

Lord Gilbert : There is no evidence to suggest that the Ministry of Defence received these reports.

Lord Hill - Norton : What information have on the suicide of a member of the security of States 81st Security Police Squadron which took the lives of RAF Bentwaters in January 1981, and if detailing the involvement of the office of the British police, Coroner, and other relevant authorities.

Lord Gilbert : The Defense Ministry has no information about the alleged suicide. Research on these events are conducted by the U.S. Air Force.

Lord Hill - Norton : What information have on the health problems experienced by several staff members of the U.S. Air Force based at RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge , derived from its involucratció called the Rendlesham Forest incident, in December 1980?.

Lord Gilbert : Information on medical issues related to U.S. personnel is a matter of the U.S. Air Force. … “


At the end of January 1998 I was contacted by Lori Rehfeldt, Recently retired from the Air Force after twenty years of service. She was assigned to RAF Bentwaters since May 1978 to December 1980. Only a small handful of women joined the Security Police 81 No at this time, Lori worked as a guard at the gate Bentwaters and sometimes drove a patrol in one of the bases. A She had missed the incident Bentwaters for a few weeks, but he had his own experience:


UFO l'artistic Interpretació.


"In February 1980, I was on patrol – Four police, ALA E, a fellow member of the Security Police. It was around 02:00 morning when leaving a dark sky, We saw a bright light that moved up, then down then right and then left. The movements were very deliberate. Then broke into four pieces and disappeared. The movements of the aircraft were not anything that I had seen , Even though it was night the only strange feature was that there was no sound. I knew the sound of fighter jets was so loud that the noise could break windows on the door of the East.

I report what I do with my radio control Bentwaters police , when I was ordered to go to the tower and see if they saw anything. The attitude of the sergeant of the guard's voice on the radio was " Rehfeldt wasting no, now seeing UFOs. "We went to the tower and the tower seemed the type who just woke up and did not report anything. It was now break of day, and the negative attitude by Sargent, baby, I do not need any added aggravation. Remember, I was trying to survive during the time you spend there and did not want to be caught in that place, so I dropped the whole thing. It was not until almost twenty years later I read on the web about the sighting of 27 in 28 December 1980. “

At the end of January 1998, I received a call Timothy Egercic , another alumnus of the wing. We talked for about an hour. Two weeks later, I received a letter explaining his personal involvement in the incident . Tim was assigned to RAF Bentwaters from March 1979 to March 1981 as a Security Police Security Police 81è :

It was on Christmas 1980, i a l’ALA E, We were finishing our last evening shift (15:00-23:00) when a patrol Woodbridge called in a report of strange lights off the base . We left the service and delivered the report of strange lights off to Woodbridge ALA C . … Coming to work the following night to start in the middle of turns three (11 p.m. -07 a.m.), demanem a Bob Ball you, during his throne, C if ALA had also seen the strange lights. The answer you gave was "No".

"Over the next three nights, between midnight and 2 on, Woodbridge our patrols were reporting strange lights over Rendlesham Forest. … During the last night of UFO sightings, communications allows a person to observe WSA lights from the tower area. I was asked by our supervisor area and if I wanted to go help in the tower also. I turned. Radio transmissions witnesses were more than the three previous nights, so I do not want to miss anything. I remember repeating transmissions in the air to witness our soldiers in Bentwaters could hear the voice of our people in Woodbridge . The operator of the tower that night was WSA or Rick Bobo the Dennis Karnatz. They informed me that they could see two or three, perhaps more lights danced in the sky above the tree line at the base of Woodbridge. Late in the transició, Bob Sliwowski , friend and colleague and I were so desperate to see something , were the sandbags around the building alarm monitor and looking up. We thought we saw something at the same time, but it was only a light structure built in our own area .

As the end of our turn came at the end of the night and sightings, so did the radio broadcasts with reports of lights in the sky.

When we returned to work after the holidays three days later, not we heard any other reports of strange lights ALA. It was then, I, that Bob Ball told guards: "I can not say we've seen, but there was no doubt that there was something out there. "Rumors circulated quickly on the ground that the impressions formed a perfect triangle and someone taking readings of radioactivity in these impressions .

More than ten years after, I received a call from the dock Wheels, the former ALA E, LI ( Forces of order ) Mississippi and a good friend I had not heard in several years. He called me to tell me that was announced unsolved mysteries and wanted to tell me that the program was about the UFO incident that took place while we were stationed at RAF Bentwaters. … Testing my own memory hours before the start of the episode of "unsolved mysteries", I told some friends and colleagues accurate information :

The UFO sightings took place on consecutive nights at Christmas 1980.
Bob Ball ALA was the head and left in the woods with other members of staff of the Air Force where they saw the strange lights.
We found three prints on the ground that formed a perfect triangle.
Someone was sent to take readings of radioactivity impressions.

All these facts were mentioned in the report.

In September 1997 , a good friend and former ALA E Bentwaters security, Bob Kozminski I got the book "To the left of the door of the east". He bought the book after hearing a radio program where Robbins and Warren were invited.

A l'October 1997 I read an interview with sixteen pages in the book Adrian Bustinza, another former Bentwaters Security Police. I find over the internet and I called home …. Adrian had supported most of the claims of Larry Warren during our conversation ninety minutes including the landing and seen around the ship by himself and other members of staff of the Air Force . He also recounted how the questioning of the witnesses were told that "bullets are cheap. “

Another veteran Bentwaters I wrote in June 1999. There had been allocated between 1971 and 1974 and had written to let us know that he had witnessed two incidents of UFOs during his service :

"The first one happened while I was working a midnight shift in the zone of combat alert. This area had F -4 Phantoms that were loaded with nuclear weapons ready to take off at a moment's notice. The area is near the end of the main runway. Around the 3:00 am I noticed what appeared to be a beacon hovering landing on the end of the runway. I thought it was just a landing of a plane and did not pay much attention. A few minutes later I saw fire trucks / Rescue base going to the end of the track with the emergency lights on. When they reach the end of the track again to see the light bulb head removed. The light seemed to be about thirty feet in diameter and did not move. That's when I realized it was not a plane that landed. The object did not move, while emergency crews sparkled under the spotlights. After 5 minutes, light suddenly vanished as if someone press a switch. No one felt res, except for emergency engines for trucks. The teams continued to shine his light in the darkness for about ten minutes and finally returned to its hangar. Nothing was said about the incident the next day. This occurred 1973.

The second incident happened just in the dark, the 1974. I was working on the set·Storage Nuclear Policy, the main radio station when one of the guards closed the radio reported that there was a strange light in the sky. I went out and saw what appeared to be the North Star, but suddenly became smaller and disappeared. A minute later the object reappeared in another area of ​​the sky. At this time two fighters F -4 They take off from our base and went straight to the object with afterburner treet. When it came to light the sky became smaller and disappeared only to reappear in another part of the sky. As the fighters changed course and went to the area of ​​the light disappeared again and reappeared elsewhere as if playing with fighters. That lasted about 30 minutes when finally disappeared and did not return. The fighters were left to 30 patrolling the sky minutes before returning to the base. There were approximately : 20 evidence of this because it was shift change. Never said anything officially about the incident. I did not surprise me to hear anything about what happened at RAF Bentwaters / Woodbridge al 1980. This is the first time I've written about this.

It from document classification by the Ministry of Defense on events 1980 occurred in summer 2000, when they released dozens of documents related to the incident. While these documents do not contain a 'smoking gun', but that generated a renewed interest in the case and stressed that the government had officially and military interest as many of us had suspected.

In December 2002 Ministry published more than one hundred and fifty pages of letters related events, information, public inquiries and correspondence Parliament. As was the case two years ago, none of these pages is to be a smoking gun, but if still generating some interesting smoke. An analysis of the increase in background radiation associated with such a landing zone, one recognizes the fact that certain radar stations nearby had changed their systems when "unexplained lights" were in the area. We also learn that their records did not reveal the input anomalies other radar stations recorded, and that the British and American military were very interested in seizing copies of the audio recording of Colonel Halt .

With the publication of these documents, the news was 22 years, was in the news again, and issue news and coverage across the UK and beyond, incloent un article al New York Times.


Peter RobbnisPeter Robbins. : Researcher and writer.

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